Piping works

We undertake projects for construction, reconstruction and repairs of pipes. This includes complete or partial replacement of pipes, at every kind of ship, industrial unit, factory or public work.

Piping works that are carried out:

  • repairs and inspections of ship fittings in linear systems, ballast systems, steam systems, fire protection systems, and cargo (all types of valves)
  • piping modifications on board
  • installation of new specialistic fittings according to Shipowner’s indications, and assembly, prefabrication of pipelines on ships, drilling rigs and floating refineries
  • assembly of pneumatic installations
  •  installations, maintenance and inspections of ship fittings under the water line using divers and specialized inspection equipment
  • performing pressure tests on pipelines and valves
  • Sea Passage repairs on board with our portable specialized pipe workshop, to save money and Owner/ Operator time